The Sarraounia Trust offers long and short-term support to programmes addressing improved public health outcomes. We pilot and innovate programmes and provide research in partnership with other organisations. We have work experience in the public, private and NGO sectors and are familiar with donor and UN systems. We provide support to programmes both in and outside South Africa. Read about our work and the questions that guide our work.

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Developing Capacity for Health – A Practical Approach (2010)

The Sarraounia Public Health Trust has taken a keen interest in capacity development. Our work in capacity development is rooted in systems thinking. Drawing on the collective experience of our team and associates, the Trust published a book called Developing Capacity for Health – A Practical Approach (2010).

UNICEF Child Care and Protection Community Mobilisation Initiative
How do we start a national conversation to end violence against children?

This work closes gaps in the existing cross sectoral approach to ending violence against children. A new tool to provoke dialogue and advocacy at national and community levels is being prepared and piloted by the Sarraounia Trust. Working closely with the Department of Social Development and the Commission for Gender Equality the tool will support the implementation of the fourth National Action Plan for Children. 

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Soul City Institute for Social Justice Process Evaluation of Rise Young Women’s Clubs and Economic Strengthening Component
Can self-facilitated groups build social cohesion for young women who are out of school?

The evaluation documented the implementation of the RISE programme for out of school young women. It highlighted the precarious lives of many young women against which the RISE programme struggled to retain them. Young women responded well to a standard package of training that included modules in personal development, readiness for employment, entrepreneurial skills and improved knowledge and access to sexual and reproductive health services. The different models of implementation used by service providers in six districts across South Africa.

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VaxScenes - Case studies of community experience of COVID-19 and vaccine hesitancy
What do communities need to be ready for mass vaccination?

The VaxScenes Project was a collaboration between the South African Medical Research Council, the Human Sciences Research Council and the Sarraounia Trust. We conducted a mixed-methods study in four marginalised communities in South Africa to determine community perceptions and experiences of COVID-19 and the introduction of the COVID-19 mass vaccination campaign. Our work explored the gap that arose between the extreme economic precarity of communities, the mistrust in government and the impact of social media on levels of vaccine hesitancy in South Africa.

  1. Predictors of COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy in South African Local Communities: The VaxScenes Study.

Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Substances Unit, Medical Research Council South Africa
How can patients on ART be challenged to stop hazardous drinking?

Working with researchers from the Medical Research Council South Africa, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Mwanza Interventions Trials Unit in Tanzania, the Sarraounia Trust facilitated the development of a theory of change to challenge the hazardous drinking of patients on ART. Print materials in support of the pilot intervention are subsequently under development.

UNAIDS Fast Track Cities
What progress have cities in South Africa made towards UN goals for HIV?

The Sarraounia Trust facilitated a large meeting of representatives from municipalities that participate in the UNAIDS Fast Track Cities Initiative held in Johannesburg in 2018.

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Centre for Sustainability in Mining and Industry (CSMI), Wits Mining Institute, University of Witwatersrand
What skills do regulators need in Africa to respond to the demands from communities for development?

Nancy Coulson from the Sarraounia Trust is a visiting senior academic at the Wits Mining Institute. Working alongside colleagues from CSMI mining regulators from across sub-Saharan Africa were introduced to the regulatory challenge presented by the social license to operate.